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WBE Certified


Victoria Moore is the President of Moore 2 Design, LLC - a woman-owned, WBE-certified, architecture and interior design firm.

Victoria has worked with Jon Moore for 18 years, during which time she has been blessed to learn directly from one of the most talented and creative architects and interior designers in the country.

As she worked with Jon, Victoria found that her true talents lay in color theory and coordination. We know that color effects us physically, emotionally, and culturally and is further impacted by trends and fads. Victoria works with churches to determine the proper color schemes and finishes throughout their facility.

Color immediately affects mood and energy levels. However, unlike many other "mood enhancers", color doesn't add inches to your waistline. Victoria likes the strategic use of color via paint as a simple way to enhance environments without breaking the bank.

Does your church want to worship in a comfortable and relaxing setting, or do you need your congregation to get excited and "on fire" for the Lord? Color matters! Take the color blue, for example. In church history, it can symbolize the night sky in which the star appeared, or the waters of Genesis 1, signifying the beginning of a new creation.

In Color theory, blue is considered the most accepted of all colors; our culture recognizes blue as calm, restful and reliable; however we also associate it with depression (ever get the "blues"). Not only does color matter, the correct shades are essential as well. If you'd like to know more about how colors effect us, give Victoria a call - she loves a good "colorful" conversation!

Victoria's early career focused on marketing, graphic design and communications. This early education gives Victoria a competitive edge in working with clients. She has a talent for listening to clients and understanding their needs, and translating those needs into creative design solutions. Victoria is artistic, yet practical in her selection of finishes, and is incredibly resourceful in solutions to design problems. She is proficient in the selection of furniture and production of furniture specifications and budgets. She manages M2D's resource library with virtually thousands of materials and creative products, including rapidly renewing materials, products with high recycled content and materials with low volatile organic compound (VOC's).

Victoria's knowledge of graphic design and high-tech computer skills allow her to render virtual images to help our clients visualize 3-D spaces. She is also an advanced user of 2008 AutoCad and 3-D Studio Max, which allows her full control of interior spaces.

Women's Business Enterprise Certified
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