Jon Moore has truly been blessed with his many creative talents. Jon is a second generation architect who has focused on client service throughout his practice. As President and Design Principal of the firm his father founded in 1947, Jon established his reputation as an international designer. His firm encompassed a global presence while designing projects from coast to coast in the United States as well as Jordan, Egypt and Tokyo.

As talented and creative as Jon is, he is very easy to talk to and work with. Jon works directly with each of his clients to help their dream become a reality. He listens closely as clients describe their ideas, and incorporates their visions into the project.

From his work on the Disney Sea hotel in Tokyo to his design of the Dead Sea Spa in Jordan, Jon is well known for his design expertise. During his 30-year professional career, Jon has designed extremely complex environments including Class One clean rooms for Intel and super computing facilities for Los Alamos National Labs. According to Jon, houses of worship can be even more complex than these highly technical facilities because the congregations' experience is of prime importance.

Sustainable building design is becoming more important and is a highly discussed topic today. While it would appear that "green" design is a new concept, Jon has been incorporating sustainable design concepts into all of his buildings throughout his 32-year career. In fact, Jon was instrumental in the design of an Owens Corning National Energy Conservation award winning building in the 80's.

Jon firmly believes that all projects can embrace some form of sustainability. When Wright Hotels asked for a creative roof treatment on their Seattle Waterfront hotel, Jon's design solution was colored recycled glass. Cost effective, beautiful and a recycled material, the glass was a remarkable design solution. In Jon's experience, the genesis of truly great architecture is dealing with all the environmental issues that impact the six senses (touch, taste, sight, sound, smell, and spirituality) in order to create the optimal worship experience.

Jon is a graduate of UCLA with a master's in architecture and urban design, has lectured throughout the U.S., and is certified by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Jon's hobby is collecting and driving vintage automobiles (he currently has seven). He spends his free time designing his dream project, Memory Lane, a not-for-profit complex devoted to preserving vintage automobiles while providing our non-mainstream youth with training in all aspects of auto related businesses.

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